Stumbling into 2019

Hey there,

I’m a graphic designer, photographer, artist, and writer. The best way to describe who I am may be to say that I am a creator. I want to make things out of nothing and share them with you. Except… I haven’t been doing much of any of those things of late. And that’s going to change. It changes today.

I need a bit of accountability and I am going to be using this blog to do so. It’s now my space to share projects, reviews of content I’m interested it, random musings, and whatever else I happen to want to share.

Here’s a bit about me

My name is Janessa, and I go by Talizmyn online. I’m a gamer in my free time: I play Guild Wars 2, Diablo 3, The Sims 4… just to name a few. I’m a fan of the Mass Effect and Borderlands franchises and plan to continue with those series in the future. I love reading, writing, and am active on Goodreads. I have had dogs and will talk about them for hours if you let me. I don’t have pups now but plan to soon in the future… but my husband and I aren’t quite prepared for that yet!

I am Canadian, from the Greater Toronto Area, and currently live in California with my husband and our roommate. I miss snow far more than I thought I would and don’t much care for the dry Californian air that gives me nosebleeds in the middle of the night. How is this a thing that happens?

I’m learning that, in California, winter means rainĀ and, thankfully, a reduction in nosebleeds. It also means the return of allergies, which I used to only have to deal with from May to October. But I guess one can’t have everything.

What to Expect

As I said above, I am an avid reader and I plan on posting reviews ob books I have read, excerpts from work I am creating, art, photos, new items available in my shops, and perhaps even reviews of movies and shows I’m watching if I feel strongly enough about them to share. I also post a fair bit on Instagram of items I have cooked, baked, or random photos taken of the area on my phone. My goal is to focus a lot of that here, rather than leave each site as its own separate entity.

Plus, it’ll get me writing on a much more consistent schedule. Comments and feedback will be welcome.

Thanks for joining me.