February + March Art Update

February and March were busy months, but because I was working on creative projects and not necessarily completing them, there is not much to show for it. It feels as if I didn’t do much, though that’s not true. I have a fair bit to share in the next few days/weeks, all things I have been working on that are finally nearing the stage where I get to share them. I’m looking forward to it.

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Ko-fi Monthly Raffle

Remember: anyone that supports me on ko-fi in 2021 enters into that month’s draw. The cost of a ko-fi is $3, and I have no plans to change this number.

The Details

Every supporter will now be in the month’s raffle that they offer their support, and the raffles take place the first day of the following month. (For example, those who donate in January will be in January’s raffle, which would occur February 1st.) And should you be the only supporter that month, then the winner is clear!

Winners will be able to request a portrait sketch from me of a character of their choosing!*

Sketches will be delivered later that same month, and have a sketchy quality to them as part of their charm. Also, note that a person can win multiple months consecutively, though I may change this rule when there are more supporters to ensure more people have a chance to win.

*Check out my Commission Information for what I will, and will not, draw. I reserve the right to refuse drawing a character for any reason and will give winners the chance to choose another should that occur.

Supporter Downloads

As always, supporters will have access to the Supporter Downloads album on ko-fi for 30 days from their support date. Rewards consist of colouring pages and both mobile and desktop backgrounds of my work for supporters’ personal use. I’m also open to requests and suggestions, so feel free to tell me what you’d like to see!

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Talizmyn’s March Art Update

March has certainly been a trial in productivity and I have been trying not to drown in the waves of anxiety. I’ve been trying to keep the depression at bay, but in the last few days I finally realized part of the reason I have been feeling so low… I haven’t kept it at bay.

Not at all.

I’m focusing far too much on the news, and really need to take steps back. More so than I thought. Depression is finding a way to settle in but, thankfully, it rarely stops me from creating. I can work through it, I just need to be careful and take more breaks. Plus, I know why it’s here this time.

This pandemic, and the state of the country, are making a mess of my mental space. I need find some higher ground and remember how to breathe. I’m not drowning. I’ll get through it.

We’ll get through it.

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Twitter Art Raffle

Click Here to Enter!

I’m running an art raffle on Twitter, with the draw on April 25th!

Three (3) people will win a free coloured sketch from me, of a character of their choice.
Anyone can enter! ❤

Art will be in a similar style to the image in the original post (see above). Character can be your original, an avatar from a game, or one from your favourite show or even book. Make sure to have a visual reference if you win! ✨

To Enter
⭐ Follow me on Twitter, and
⭐ Retweet this post

The Draw
⭐ April 25th 2020 at 1:00pm PDT

Winners will be chosen randomly. 
Check it out on Twitter!

To those not on Twitter: Sorry! If there’s enough interest I may hold another either on ko-fi or through my blog. Let me know if you’re interested in that, or have any questions. 🙂

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