Talizmyn’s August 2021 Art Update

With the latest Art Update, I’m trying something a little bit different. Instead of working through my artwork and projects chronologically for the month, I’ll break it down by work type. In this case, artwork, timelapses, ko-fi supporter rewards, and twitch art streams.

As with everything, I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this new setup: do you like it or not, and why or why not? Is there something else you’d like me to include? I would love to hear about it!

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April + May 2021 Art Update

Last update I left off with completing the Frozen painting for my niece. April turned into quite a busy month, with a slow-down in May to focus on a single project and take a small break. It also means I have a small backlog of items due to Ko-fi Supporters, and your patience is much appreciated!

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February + March Art Update

February and March were busy months, but because I was working on creative projects and not necessarily completing them, there is not much to show for it. It feels as if I didn’t do much, though that’s not true. I have a fair bit to share in the next few days/weeks, all things I have been working on that are finally nearing the stage where I get to share them. I’m looking forward to it.

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January 2021 Art Update

Has it been a month already? And it’s February now? What happened? Did this month seem to disappear for everyone else, too?

I’ve been working on personal art projects, watching lectures about writing, writing, and some freelance design work. I’ve been keeping myself busy with some exciting projects, and I look forward to continuing to make progress on those.

Anyway, here is some of the art I have been working on this month. More works-in-progress can be found on my ko-fi page for supporters, for those who want more of a behind-the-scenes look at my process.

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Talizmyn’s 2020 Year-End Art Update: Part 1



As you may have noticed, I disappeared after my last post on June 9th.

My ability to create was, for a few months during the summer, shaky-at-best. I don’t need to detail the pandemic or quarantine or make vague allusions by calling the past few months these troubling times. We know. We all get it. It’s a rough time for all of us, and some more than others.

Let’s catch up, shall we?

Since my last Art Update, back in May 2020, I have been both procrastinating, dealing with burn-out, and discovering new ways to paint digitally. I’ve spent the last few months working on pet portraits, commissions, and other related work.

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Upcoming Ko-fi Changes for 2021

There are exciting changes coming to my ko-fi page next year!

Why Are these Changes Coming?

As those following my work may have noticed, I disappeared for a little while. Updates became sporadic and eventually stopped. It was due to a bit of burnout, pushing myself to create when what I needed was a break to recharge and try to stay sane in the mess that is 2020.

I want to continue to create and share my work with people, and changes like this should be more sustainable for me. I may continue to change things next year, too, and am always open to feedback. These changes will all go into effect January 1st, 2021.

Let’s see how it goes!

What Will Change

New Monthly Draws
Every supporter will now be that month’s draw, and draws take place the first day of the following month. (For example, those who support in January will be entered in January’s draw, which would take place February 1st.) Support in one month and you’ll be entered into a draw with all other supporters that supported. And should you be the only supporter that month, then.. the winner is clear! 😉

Winners will be able to request a portrait sketch from me, of a character of their choosing!*

Sketches will be delivered later that same month, and will have a sketchy quality to them as part of their charm. Also note that a person can win multiple months consecutively, though I may change this rule when there are more supporters to ensure more people have a chance to win.

*Check out my Commission Information for what I will, and will not, draw. I reserve the right to refuse drawing a character for any reason, and will give winners the chance to choose another should that occur.

Changes to Monthly Supporter Rewards
Previously, two rewards would go up every month for all supporters in the Supporter Downloads album on Ko-fi. Rewards would consist of a background image (for a phone for desktop) and a lineart sketch for colouring. There didn’t seem to be high interest in either of these. I do want to continue providing rewards, though perhaps in a more limited fashion going forward.

Rewards may not necessarily be monthly in 2021, though I will be updated available downloads as I can. Is there something you want to see specifically? I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


The Cost of a Ko-fi
The cost of a ko-fi on my page, $3 USD, is staying the same! I have no plans to change this number.

Thanks for sticking with me! Do let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding these changes.

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Talizmyn’s May Art Update

May has been a busy month. I’ve been keeping myself busy during this time, using different tactics to motivate myself to create, learn, and improve. At the beginning of the month I was feeling particularly low and unmotivated, though my mood has since improved and I have a few goals and tasks to focus on in the coming months.

How are all of you dealing/coping/doing? What are your tricks, if any, to get yourself to focus?

I’ve had to remind myself that naps are okay, if I need to reset. I’m learning to not push myself too hard when what I really need is some rest.

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