June + July Art Update

The last few months have brought a number of new projects, which was a welcome change of pace. I got to work on creating an avatar, painting flowers, emotes for Twitch, a new type of pet portrait, and I even started streaming on Twitch. (Which was a really scary thing to start, I must say.)

March Raffle Prize

March Raffle Prize, Digital, May 2021

Just a couple of months late (thanks for your patience!) here is March’s raffle prize: an avatar for my dad. I haven’t made avatars in this kind of style before now. And thanks to my dad for his request: this was a fun project outside of my usual work. I had hopes to explore this style further, and got my chance a short time later thanks to a commission from a friend!

Here is the timelapse for this project, too. It’s a quick one!

Custom Twitch Emote Set

Twitch Emotes for Azeto, Digital, June 2021

A friend recently started streaming some games and needed emotes for his channel. He asked me to create some for him, even though he knew I had not made emotes before. It was fun to learn a new style, a new way to work. I spent a fair amount of time scouring Youtube for various tutorials to ensure I knew what was required and set to work!

I’d love the chance to do more of these, so if anyone is looking for emotes for their channel you know where to find me. 😉

April Raffle Prize

April Raffle Prize, Digital, June 2021

For April’s Raffle Prize, Pam requested a planter featuring bluebells, baby’s breath flowers, and forget-me-nots. Baby’s breaths are so tiny! It was a challenge to figure out how much detail to add to them without getting too complex.

I hope you enjoy it, and thanks for your support. 😀

Mandala 02, Rose

The second mandala is complete! This one features a rose at the center, as well as repeated roses in a circle. I still need to work on making these less complex, from the looks of it! The next one up after this will be “Sunflower” and should be an interesting challenge. I will be taking more care to make the flowers more complex and leave the mandalas a fair bit easier to colour.

Both versions can be found on my ko-fi page. The original, here, and the close-up version, here. And, for ko-fi supporters, the colouring page is here should you want to attempt it! (And I would love to know if you do.)

Harley the Cat

Harley the Cat, Digital, July 2021

This is a belated birthday gift for a friend of mine of his cat, Harley. Happy birthday, Alex!

I have wanted to experiment with painting a cat portrait for some time now, but the opportunity had not yet presented itself. I think it’s one of my best portraits yet. 😀

This is the first pet portrait I have streamed fully on Twitch, so I’ll have the videos going up on Youtube later on for those who would like to watch me work in real-time. And for those that don’t have time for that, as it is nearly seven hours, I will have a timelapse ready soon, too!

art streams on twitch

For those who missed my announcement in early July, I now stream on Twitch twice a week! My schedule is Sunday and Wednesday, from 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific time.

During these art streams I work on various projects, including commissions, while being available to answer your questions. I would love to see you there, so do stop by sometime, and we can hang out!

Every Friday around 3 PM (again, Pacific time), I’ll share my recorded art streams on YouTube. Unlike my other videos, like the timelapses, I won’t be posting everywhere when these go live. So, if you think you’d like to catch some of them, make sure to follow me on YouTube so you can get notified when the next one goes up.

(Spoiler: The next two are already up.)

Here’s the video from my very first stream, which went live on YouTube July 16th. The original audio is not included in this video because someone (me) messed up the recording because she didn’t know what she was doing. I have since learned from my mistake and I promise it gets better from here.

Art Stream from July 4 2021.

Check it out, and I’d love to hear what you think. Do you want to see more of these? Is there something else you’d like me to cover, perhaps?

Supporter rewards

Supporter Rewards, which can be found here, are up for March, May, June, and July. I missed some months this year, so I apologize for that. My goal from here on out is to not just “keep up” with the supporter rewards but to add more to the folder. So far, there are colouring pages and wallpapers for both mobile and PC.

As always, I’m open to suggestions and requests for what everyone would like to see here. Is it something I don’t offer yet, such as downloads of the full-size work? Or even a PSD of some files so that you can see the folders/layers and how I work? Maybe something else?

I would love to hear your ideas, so send them my way! 😀

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