February + March Art Update

February and March were busy months, but because I was working on creative projects and not necessarily completing them, there is not much to show for it. It feels as if I didn’t do much, though that’s not true. I have a fair bit to share in the next few days/weeks, all things I have been working on that are finally nearing the stage where I get to share them. I’m looking forward to it.


The first ko-fi raffle sketch, which I posted in the January update, turned out fairly well. After completing it, I was commissioned to paint it and give it more of a finished look, just in time for my mother’s birthday.

I wasn’t going for hyper-realism here, but my goal was to capture their likeness and reduce the “harsh lines” of the sketch. I think I managed to accomplish those things.

Next up is February’s Raffle Sketch!

February 2021 Raffle Sketch

February’s Raffle Sketch was won by.. my mom! (Hi!) She requested a sketch of one of her plants in a tree stump she carved out and prepared herself. (It looks much fancier when seen in person, where it’s placed on a side table in the living room.)

About the Monthly Raffle
Supporters are automatically entered into the current month’s raffle, and the raffles take place the first day of the following month. Winners can request a portrait sketch from me of plants, pets, or even a character of their choosing, from a book, game, movie, or real life!


I’ve tried something a little different with this timelapse, over my earlier videos.

In this one, I do not have a voice-over, only music, and used Clip Studio Paint’s timelapse feature to record instead of a capture card. It means this timelapse is faster, the video is shorter overall and less jumpy, and I can add more relevant information in the video itself. What do you think?

I would love to hear feedback on this, so if you have a preference for one type over the other please do let me know in the comments. 🙂


In late March, my niece had her fourth birthday. Over the month, I created a painting for her of her favourite characters from Frozen. Elsa was easy enough, and Olaf took a bit of time to figure out. Creating a water/ice horse was a challenge, though!

Frozen Gift, Digital, March 2021

The timelapse video for this has been recorded and is being finalized. I’ll be making another post when it’s available on Youtube.

That’s it! There are a few ongoing personal projects and commissions, so keep a lookout for those in April. And as a reminder, if you want to see works in progress, have early access to videos, or get a behind-the-scenes look at what I’m working on, consider following or supporting me on ko-fi. 🙂

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

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