Ko-fi Intro Video

One thing that I have wanted to set up for ko-fi was an intro video. I didn’t want to believe that at first, though.

When I started up my ko-fi page, posting a video was an impossibility. The option to link a video was there, of course, and was encouraged by ko-fi. It was impossible because of me. I didn’t know anything about video editing, and I was okay with that. Why would I even want to be in a video, anyway? Honestly, though, I wanted to have a video. (Welcome to Denial.) Still, I told myself I didn’t want or need one: making something like that, and being “okay” with it going up, was just not possible.

Except, last month, I considered it again and it was much less frightening. (It was still scary, but not the impossible kind.) I learned how to use Adobe Premiere Pro, video editing software, in December, so that I could put together timelapses of my work and share them on Youtube. Suddenly it wasn’t impossible anymore and seemed considerably less daunting. The only difference with this video is that I would be talking about me and what I do, directly, rather than about something I made.

So, here it is. I did it.


Check out the video for details on who I am, why I do what I do, and an explanation of my supporter rewards on ko-fi. I would imagine many following this blog are aware of these things already, or perhaps you may learn something new. I’ve included some details from the video below to make accessing the important information easier.

Supporter Rewards

On ko-fi, to “buy me a coffee” is 3 dollars, USD. Support may be a one-off payment or monthly. The support sent my way goes toward necessary expenses, such as food, rent, bills, caffeine, and my current ko-fi goal. (Whatever that may be, at the time.)

Your support allows me to create art and videos, write and plan out my comic, and share these creations with you. It means I don’t need to take on as much freelance work as I might otherwise and instead work toward providing more value for those who follow or support my work.

$3 unlocks these rewards for 30 days:

  • Supporter Downloads: Access to an exclusive album on ko-fi filled with colouring pages, artwork to use as backgrounds on your phone or desktop, and prints to download and print at home for personal use. More images are available all the time, and I take requests for new additions.
  • Monthly Raffle: All supporters join a monthly raffle for a portrait sketch of a character of their choice. 
  • WIP Previews: View my works-in-progress before everyone else, or alternative versions or artwork not shared elsewhere.
  • Early-Access: Three-day early access for all videos published on Youtube. Whether it’s time-lapses, tutorials, or even this video here, supporters always see it first.
  • To-do Lists: See my to-do lists for upcoming art projects and videos.
  • Influence: Feedback! Able to offer input on my to-do lists, vote on the projects you’d like to see first and make suggestions for upcoming ones.
  • More to come! I’m always open to new ways to add value to my supporters.

Thanks, as always.

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

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