January 2021 Art Update

Has it been a month already? And it’s February now? What happened? Did this month seem to disappear for everyone else, too?

I’ve been working on personal art projects, watching lectures about writing, writing, and some freelance design work. I’ve been keeping myself busy with some exciting projects, and I look forward to continuing to make progress on those.

Anyway, here is some of the art I have been working on this month. More works-in-progress can be found on my ko-fi page for supporters, for those who want more of a behind-the-scenes look at my process.

2021 January 04: DTIYS Challenge

I admire the art of aepoyi on Instagram and wanted to work on their 10k Draw This In Your Style Challenge. Thankfully, there was no time limit on it, so I could work on that now that I *finally* had time (and motivation).⁠

For those who missed my last post, the timelapse video for this piece is up on Youtube!

2021 January 11: Koi Mermaid

“Koi Mermaid” is something I started back in August 2020 and have struggled to finish ever since. It’s as close to “done” as it is going to get. It was experimental and a little odd from the start.

I tried a few new techniques to create a different look from my usual work, similar to my entry to Clip Studio Paint’s Illustration Contest. This “mermaid” ends up feeling like some bovine-like creature, too. I don’t know what I was going for anymore. It’s weird, but I still like it.

A version featuring some close-up shots is on my ko-fi page, viewable by everyone!

January 2021 Raffle Sketch

January’s Raffle Sketch was won by…. my Dad! He requested a sketch of himself with my mom, and I added some flowers because, well, they’re pretty. (Who doesn’t like flowers?)

Thanks to both of my parents for being so supportive of the work I do. I can’t wait until it’s safe to travel again, and I can annoy you in person! ❤

About the Monthly Raffle
Supporters are automatically entered into the current month’s raffle, and the raffles take place the first day of the following month. (For example, January’s raffle draw occurred February 1st.)

Winners can request a portrait sketch from me of either a character (or two) of their choosing, from a book, game, movie, or real life!

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