Digital Art Timelapse: DTIYS Challenge

My latest timelapse video is now ready! I cannot promise I will create videos every week, but I can say that I aim to post 2 every month. Some months may have more, but my goal here is to create, enjoy doing it, and not get burnt out by pushing myself too much too soon.

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Back in May, Pianta (Céli) created a Draw This In Your Style (DTIYS) Challenge on Instagram. I have been wanting to complete this challenge for a while now, and am glad to be able to show you my process for this piece. Watch as I go from sketch to final in this digital art timelapse in Clip Studio Paint.

Referenced Links Pianta’s Instagram:
Their DTIYS Instagram post:
The finished product:

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The Details

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Digital Art Timelapse in Clip Studio Paint

Thievens. Digital. December 2020.

In my last post, I shared a bunch of my recent work from this year. One of those works was a gift for my husband, of his World of Warcraft orc rogue, Thievens. 

While creating this portrait, I experimented with recording my screen through OBS Studio and using Skillshare to learn how to use Premiere Pro for video editing. These projects and courses have certainly kept me occupied the last few months, and I’m happy to now have something to show for it. 

I can finally share my first Youtube video with you, a timelapse of this orc portrait done in Clip Studio Paint and finalized in Photoshop.


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