Talizmyn’s May Art Update

May has been a busy month. I’ve been keeping myself busy during this time, using different tactics to motivate myself to create, learn, and improve. At the beginning of the month I was feeling particularly low and unmotivated, though my mood has since improved and I have a few goals and tasks to focus on in the coming months.

How are all of you dealing/coping/doing? What are your tricks, if any, to get yourself to focus?

I’ve had to remind myself that naps are okay, if I need to reset. I’m learning to not push myself too hard when what I really need is some rest.

April’s Art Raffle

In April, I ran an art raffle on Twitter for which there were three winners. I requested a reference from each winner of a character of their choosing. The winners were FallNSkye, Lucipop_90, and Morisato_Reshu from Twitter. Here are their prizes, altogether.

FallNSkye’s Raffle Prize. Digital. May 04 2020.
Lucipop_90’s Raffle Prize. Digital. May 14 2020
Morisato_Reshu’s Raffle Prize. Digital. May 22 2020.

Drawing these characters was a lot of fun. Each image was created using Adobe Fresco, and brought into Adobe Photoshop for adding text and final adjustments.

Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! Digital. May 2020.

My go-to gift for mother’s day is often a gift card for dinner and/or a movie for my parents, but that was out-of-the-question this time around. Instead, I was able to send her some money to buy some plants she really liked for her backyard. I didn’t just want to send her money and a card, though.

My mother loves flowers, I enjoy drawing them, so I combined the two and created an image/card featuring some of her favourites. I know a lot about different types of flowers, all thanks to my mom.

The Rose Umbrella

The Rose Umbrella. Digital. May 12 2020.

As the story goes, The Rose Umbrella is a former priestess who wanders the fields of forgotten souls, the space between life and death. She collects the lost spirits as she walks, giving shelter from a world of abandonment. When recovered, the souls are released to flourish in perfection. A rose.

In an ancient telling, however, it is said The Rose Umbrella is a demon that feeds on the souls of the forgotten dead. As she harvests the souls it is said she has no need for blood… and so the roses fall as she makes her away across the fields of battle. That last one couldn’t be true though, right?

The Rose Umbrella, detailed view. Digital. May 12 2020.

The Rose Umbrella is based on a recurring dream. I’ve had this dream multiple times since news of the pandemic and quarantine arose, and always awaken with a sense of dread despite the beauty in what I’m seeing. There’s something just beneath the surface.

Ko-fi Sketches

Back at the beginning of the month, I announced I was doing something special for all supporters donating throughout the month of May. For anyone buying me a ko-fi, I would create a sketch of a character or person of their choosing.

The first sketch, requested by “Somebody” who donated anonymously, and they requested Harry Dresden from the tv series The Dresden Files (based on the novel series of the same name, by Jim Butcher). I tried to capture the spirit of the character, who carries around a staff disguised as a hockey stick, and is portrayed by Paul Blackthorne.

What do you think? Did I capture his likeness enough?

Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files. Digital. May 29 2020.

One down, two to go!


May 2020 Supporter Rewards are now on ko-fi! This month’s rewards include a two items: colouring page which can be coloured digitally or traditionally and, as with all of my colouring pages, I’ll feature completed ones on my blog. The second item is a background featuring my work from earlier this year. The size of the background is 1920 x 1080, but if you prefer another size for your PC or device, just let me know and I’ll prepare that for you. 😀

Collect yours, here!

These rewards are a thank-you from me. I appreciate every one that is able to support my work, and this is one of the ways I want to give back. If there’s something else you’d like to see, please do let me know!

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

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