One Week Portrait Challenge

Monday April 6th I started the One Week Portrait Challenge, run by Paintable, which I was excited to work through and see where I end up on the Friday. I posted the daily results on my Ko-fi page, Instagram, and Twitter for good measure.

Here’s the entire week’s posts, all in one place!

Day One

The first day we needed to choose our reference photo if we had not yet done so, and watch the first video featuring tips on the sketching process. There was a lot of useful information here, much of which I found to be review. It was good to go through the entire process from the basics again, as it had been a while since I took classes in figure drawing.

It was a quick and easy day, not requiring too much of a time commitment. I expected that to come in the next few days, however.

Here’s the same post on ko-fi.

Day Two

Day Two is about adding flat colours and bold lines. Before getting started, I adjusted some of my lines from the previous day that were a bit rough.

Unfortunately, Day Two was incredibly frustrating. I had not followed my own advice of saving my work as often as possible and, after an hour of work, my tablet locked up and crashed.

I was so angry. 😡

I vowed to be more careful from here on out, save often, and make backups to my cloud. My tablet, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, has been having difficulty keeping up with demands. It often closes programs without warning and turns itself off despite being high on battery. I expect some of the issues are with the ArtFlow app I use, as well.

Hoping it holds out long enough for me to get this challenge done!

Here’s the same post on ko-fi.

Day Three

On day three, my Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 ceased to be an art tablet.

It’s not bricked-broken, as I can still use it for checking the internet or watching Netflix. But, it is broken. When it comes to anything important, like my artwork, it cannot be trusted.

I spent the morning trying to progress on the One Week Portrait challenge, redoing work lost in repeated shut-downs and lock-ups, and the result was… steps back from the day before. I tried doing some new things, to buy myself some time and get ahead, but in the end was just sad and frustrated with the whole situation.

With everything that has been going on in the news about the pandemic, and now the stress of not having a tablet and potentially not completing the one week portrait challenge, I was standing at the edge of a panic attack while on the verge of a migraine.

Here’s the same post on ko-fi.

Day four

Day four, after sleeping off the migraine and taking time to consider my fate, I decided not to give up. If I had to continue with a keyboard and mouse at the PC, I’d at least give it a shot. I used to draw with a mouse all the time, so I knew it wasn’t impossible. It just wouldn’t be as easy.

I was not entirely happy with the result, but I wasn’t giving up. I’d continue, carefully.

Here’s the same post on ko-fi.

Day five

Day Five!

The final product wasn’t as complete as I’d like, but I’m surprised I got this far considering I was using a mouse the last two days. I made some serious progress and, honestly, this really is the best portrait I have ever created. (Even incomplete, as it is.)

This was a fun process, and I look forward to giving it another shot when I have a tablet again. I imagine it’ll be much easier using a tablet with access to Photoshop and all that the program offers.

Here’s the same post on ko-fi.

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