A March of Tough Decisions

Crimson and Green Cutouts. January 13, 2004. Photograph.

March has certainly been a trial. I had to make some serious changes, as I’m sure a lot of us have. As I’m currently looking for work, which has been the case since January, my day-to-day hasn’t changed so much. I’m still promoting my artwork, trying to get more of my work “out there”, working on some personal projects, taking commissions, and looking for work in the digital art or graphic design fields.

My husband, however, lost his job recently. He work(s)(ed)(?) for a small start-up and, while they want to keep running and paying people, they have to think about the future of the company… and that means they had to lay off a bunch of employees. Including their only mechanical engineer.

The severity of the situation didn’t sink in when I had to cancel my World of Warcraft subscription: I can still play until the beginning of April, after all. It also didn’t sink in when I cancelled my Audible subscription. Again, I have access to many different books to read, in many different formats. My preorder for The Last Emperox by John Scalzi will be filled next month, and I await it patiently.

What did make it sink in, finally?

I had to go through Patreon and remove my support for multiple artists and creators, saving myself a total of $15 dollars a month. Fifteen measly dollars which, just a few weeks ago, was mine to do with what I wished. Now? We just can’t justify that expense. Not when there is little money coming in, and the future is uncertain. Luckily, my husband is able to apply for Unemployment Insurance.

We’ll be able to pay rent, and eat. But the fact we’re so close to not being able to is terrifying.

I wrote a note to everyone I previously supported on Patreon, apologizing for the circumstances and promising to support again when I can. I know it’s not their fault, and my lack of support effects them negatively as well. I’m just one drop in the bucket, but there are many of us drops that have all but dried up. As more and more of us lose our jobs, it’s all going to trickle down and more and more of us will feel the effects.

Ko-fi changes

Yesterday, I made some changes to my page on Ko-fi. I had to change my Goal, placing my previous one on hold.

The new goal is more immediate: be able to pay rent and help purchase groceries. $1,150 is a conservative estimate for my share of both rent and food, and so will be my monthly goal for the foreseeable future. I’ll continue to look for work, take commissions, and do what I can: anything I receive from work, commissions, and support through ko-fi will go toward this goal.

Anything I can contribute toward rent, food, and bills will be amazingly helpful. If you’re interested in supporting me on ko-fi, I have a post about March’s Supporter Rewards that details what exclusive downloadables are available, as well as how to go about supporting. I’m also open for commissions through ko-fi, but if you don’t see an option there you’d like, do feel free to send me a message about what you have in mind.

When the situation is more stable, I’ll switch my goal back to saving up for a tablet. As of right now, though, it’s no longer a priority. In the meantime, I just hope my current tablet can keep up!

What’s Next?

Obviously, I’m open for opportunities. I’m not one to sit idle and wait for a solution to fall into my lap. I have a bunch of examples of my work available online, and am actively looking for work every day.

That said, I’m also not afraid to ask:
Do you know of, or are looking to hire, a digital artist or graphic designer?

I’m the Graphic Designer for Tali Gibson Designs, a freelance company created by my husband and I, and our portfolio features a bunch of my design work. I’m available to be hired either through that company, or as an individual to work remotely. I have a portfolio on Behance as well, featuring a mix of designs and digital artwork.

Know of anything? Send me an email!

Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com

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