Review; Assassin’s Choice by Monique Singleton

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Assassin’s Choice is a quick and snappy urban fantasy romance focusing on shapeshifters in a world full of paranormal beings.

Assassin’s Choice
by Monique Singleton

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

If they realise who I am… I’m dead. To the Council, I’m their top assassin. I terminate paranormals that step out of line. I’ll head off the hit list if they ever find out who I really am.

I’m close to finding out who’s responsible for my mother’s death, when the Council sends me on a mission,: kill two clan leaders who threaten to expose the paranormal world. Simple, Right?

Then I meet them…and everything goes to hell.

Throw in my overheated libido, not one, but two soul-mate claims, a mysterious age-old shaman who throws me slap-bang into the centre of an ancient prophecy, and things really heat up.

My next decision will send my life in a new direction… or kill me in the process. Which will it be? Personal revenge… or save the world?

Assassin’s Choice follows Altermichan, an immortal shapeshifting assassin sent on a mission by The Council to prevent a war between two opposing shapeshifter clans. Such a war would expose the paranormal races of the world and place everyone in danger. The Council’s goal, through their best assassin, is to prevent that from happening. Altermichan must get close to each clan’s respective leader, the rich Metisse of the Sabres and the rugged Gabriel of the Werewolves, and kill them if necessary. Unfortunately (but also fortunately?) for Altermichan she is extremely attracted to both men and this lust is getting in the way of her mission.

The romance elements of the book weigh as heavily as the fantasy and the novel is an easy read. The writing style feeds into that ease, with an abundance of short, quick, and concise sentences. The reader is given summaries of conversations and events, wasting little time with pages of dialogue. Characters are introduced and summarize similarly, and worldbuilding is doled out sparingly in the same fashion.

In the next hour she filled me in on what they knew, which was precious little. A lot of “ifs” and “maybes.” Not very concrete. The main gist of the whole thing was what…

Monique Singleton. Assassin’s Choice
(Kindle Locations 322-323).

As I prefer to be shown through action, rather than told, this style is not well-suited for my tastes. I want to see and experience the world and its people, especially when it comes to conversations between characters and the traits they possess. I want to feel closer to the characters and be able to relate to them, which was difficult to do in this case.

Despite my preferences, I kept with the book as the world was interesting and I wanted to see where the story would lead. There was buildup for a climactic event and I was left disappointed because it did not happen. Instead, the last few chapters focused on a big reveal regarding a mystery laid out about the main character and, in doing so, created a clear path for what’s to come in book two.

There are a couple things that new readers should know ahead of time. The first is, while this is a fantasy novel, the story is romance-heavy. Altermichan’s desires are at the forefront throughout and the sex scenes, for which there are multiple, are explicit. Secondly, while Altermichan is an assassin, evidence of her proficiency in that profession is lacking. I had hoped to see more scenes fleshing out her skill.

While I did not appreciate the book as much as I hoped, those who enjoy romance and urban fantasy in equal parts would find this book both a fun and compelling read.

It’s a quick and snappy urban fantasy could be finished in one sitting. There’s a touch of mystery here, and the world has more to offer should one continue with the series. I would recommend it for those who like their fantasies short, to the point, and with equal parts romance.

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