devientART Gallery Additions

In the continuing effort to Actually Update Galleries and Blogs™ I’ve posted photos that I have edited over the last few years on deviantART and my Portfolio. The goal is to do this every few days for a couple of reasons:

  1. I don’t spam everyone who follows me with Everything All At Once.
  2. I don’t get burnt out on the tedious uploading/pinning/posting processes.
  3. Consistency is always better than bulk uploads.

This week it’s deviantART (and Pinterest, to be honest, but that’s another adventure altogether) and I have a number of new photos to share!

There are many photos that I need to edit, too, from the last few years. I have been to San Francisco and, specifically, Ghiradelli Square (because chocolate) and I’m excited to actually have the time to edit these photos and share my favourites.

Recent Additions

Here’s a sample of the latest gallery additions. All are available in the dA shop too, for as little at $2 for a postcard and$25 for unframed art prints.

Click to check out the new photographs! I would love to hear what you think, too. Please leave a comment below, send me a message, or even leave a comment on my deviantART gallery. ❤

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