Talizmyn on deviantART

Did I Ever Tell You I Was on DeviantART?

I have a deviantart account, TalizmynVox, and have since 2003. (16 years… Already?!) The link is up on the sidebar of this blog, but I never actually gave it a proper introduction. Oops!

I have a fair bit of work available to view there and, going forward, will post here when I upload anything new. Beware of going too far back in the archives though, because 2003-Talizmyn was just getting out of high school and the artistic abilities were only just beginning to evolve into something… presentable.

Here’s a few images plucked from my galleries, ranging from oldest to newest. The old digital artwork was more prominent for a while, as I was teaching myself to use programs like PaintShopPro and Adobe Photoshop, though Photography has since taken the lead. I enjoy photographing wildlife, my pets, and catching cute moments like a bumblebee being cheeky.

051130 Bunny-chu

120725 Pretty Girl

150307 😛

150606 Pink

Please check out my Gallery on deviantART if you wish to see more! 🙂

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